lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015

Missing it...

I have not written a lot lately. I have been too busy with many things that I have assumed that some of my thoughts are not important enough to care. I have been telling myself that I don't miss it, that I don't need to put my thoughts in writing, but I have been lying to myself: I have actually missed it a lot. But, instead of finding new things to write, new things to think about, my mind has stayed blank, has deleted all the ideas that I had been having during this time, although many things have happened to me in the last months, many good, happy, and positive things, I have to say. 
I hope I can dedicate a little more time from now on, I would like to write from time to time at least because I always think that words are one of the few things that remain when you leave this world. I will try to find inspiration in the little things that surround me, and do my best to put it into words.  I would like to tell great stories and describe nice sensations. Write, people all around the planet, tell your experiences, there is always someone somewhere willing to read what you write and learn things from you.

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