domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Summer is over

Where are all the summer nights? Where have they gone? Where was I when they were going away? Now everybody is leaving or is already far away, now they are taking their suitcases and starting a whole new life wherever they go. Now they are leaving me alone... Well, not absolutely alone, but I will have to live my life as I have been living it the last three years, getting used to be at home, alone with my books, with my notes, alone with knowledge and my mind, feeding on stories and dreaming about them, waiting for a whole new summer coming to me, and start all those magic days and nights, full of sun and moon, full of laugh and full of fun.

Summer is over. It sounds like the same song that sounds again and again, as every year, with the same tone and the same melody, spinning in our ears. But I am proud of having taken no time to lose, that I have enjoyed every single day, every single glimpse of sunlight, and all those memories will remain in my mind forever.