sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012


She realized she had been alone all life. She had never had anyone who loved her, who  looked after her. No one had never been worried for her and she had always had an unwanted freedom. She hadn't been able to imagine how big was this, how important for human is love. She couldn't imagine how it can change our lives in a little moment and how it  fixes all the pain you have been suffering. 
Now she has found the thing she wanted the most and she doesn't want to lose it, and she fights to get happiness, as anyone would do. Everything has changed after that unbelievable day that everything turned different. It was like magic coming around her, but she wasn't able to believe. All her life turned into a continuous happiness that doesn't end. This sounds crazy, but it's how it happened...

Say to me if I make some mistakes, please. Thanks! ;)

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